11th shippment went out

11th shippment went out

July 11, 2022

On July 8th to 11th, the Post Angeles Volunteer Center, with the help of Meest USA West, loaded its 11th shipment. The 40 foot sea container which was filled to the brim, is expected to reach Ukraine in one month. This delivery has been made possible by the generousity of Mrs. Marilyn Balduff, who donated her savings to cover the cost of shipping and included additional in-kind donations for animal shelters in need in Ukraine.

The shipment consisted of 554 boxes with a total weight of 20493 lbs. This included:

3502 lbs of medical supplies, 2310 lbs of military gear, 5251 lbs (138 boxes) of hygiene, 2528 lbs (108 boxes) of new clothing, and 6902 lbs of food, including 3282 lbs (4 pallets) of animal food.

This shipment has the potential to save the brave soldiers, the civilian elderly men, the women and children, and even the innocent animals who are left to suffer the consequences of this war.