December 27, 2022

As we approach the end of the year, we would like to share a summary of our work for 2022.

For our loved ones in Ukraine, as well as the Ukrainian community around the world, this has been one of the most difficult years of our lives. But with the help of our community, our volunteers, our donors, and our partners, we have been able to channel this heart ache into measurable action.

Since the invasion began, we at Post Angeles have dedicated our lives to the mission of supporting Ukraine. EVERY SINGLE DAY since February we have worked toward this mission, and we are not slowing down. We receive hundreds of direct messages on Instagram and Facebook, by email, and through our website, from Ukrainians in need of aid. And we have made it our mission to help every organization, family, and individual that we possibly can.

To the community of the St Andrew’s Ukrainian Orth. Church, thank you for your trust and hospitality to Post Angeles. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership together next year!

To our dedicated volunteers, we are eternally grateful for your selfless work toward our shared mission. These accomplishments are also YOURS. Be proud of the work that you all have been able to accomplish!

To our dear donors, thank you for your sincere care. Only with your generous contributions was our work made possible. Every single in-kind donation and every dollar counts!

To Post Angeles Lviv for your collaboration, incredible work and sleepless nights in receiving, sorting, transporting and delivering so many shipments of aid directly into the hands of people in Ukraine!

To Meest USA West for your strong and unconditional support in our mission, and all your generos work!

And to so many of our partners;

Ukrainian Culture Center - UCC, for helping to create community and strengthen our efforts. Ukrainian Art Center Los Angeles, for your kind support and partnership with us.

A big worm thank you for the contributions and partnerships of Saint Volodymyr’s Ukrainian Church, Chervona Kalyna Ensemble, Konstantin Shvuim of Babushka, Alex Shabun, Olivie restaurant, and so many more!